Smart, Successful and Revolutionary People Wear Crazy Socks

This research shows why. According to an article men and women who tend to wear colourful socks are independent, interesting, and successful. The socks has a varieties of shocking colours and style, such as neon green, or having a big eyes, lobsters, flying pigs, or even a over-frosted cupcakes all over the sock, as long as these socks aren't a dry brown or blue in colour and can expose much about the user. Usually a person who wears colourful and crazy socks are revealing themselves to the world that they reject to be traditional to any social styles, and they are bravely demonstrating their playful characteristics and unique emotional response. People who wore these socks lead to a revolution against uniforms and modesty.

Some people says that whatever you wear reflects your own personality, which is wearing cool socks help you give off a more lively, positive, creative and fascinating image, especially at work. A sock which is colourful or has a character shows liveliness and can make a good icebreaker or way to bond with other people. Also another possible advantage of wearing colourful and crazy socks is that you can build a brand which you will be called as gutsy guy or a creative type and sometimes it can give you more room to bend or even break the rules. There are multiple research published on people who wear crazy socks are those people who shows about their personalities. What we wear or what clothing choices we want sometimes speaks not only what people see you, but what people may see about your own self-perception. For more facts and info regarding crazy socks, you can go to

According to a study being launched in a University, what people will wear can affect the way what they are thinking. The researchers wrote that they introduce the term enclothed cognition to illustrate the systematic influence that what people will wear or choose clothing have on the user's psychological processes. Meaning, when wearing certain clothing can change the way people may think and act, and can give them the courage to take a certain work that might not normally what they usually do. Therefore, a person who wears cool socks may help them to feel braver and more eager to take any probability. Someone could not distinguish if you are rebel upon first quick look, but deep inside, you know and you will do something consequently. Wearing a crazy sock is a hallmark of a champion and a boss.